More Harm than Good

More Harm than Good

Jean Grainger Founding author
In Kilteegan bridge the modernity of the 1970s challenges Irish traditional ways, with deadly consequences
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Kilteegan Bridge, Ireland 1974 For each member of the O’Sullivan family there are turbulent times ahead. Eli’s need to do his best by his patients is a cause for a bitter divide in the community. Emmet seems hell bent on going down a path in life his parents dread but they’re unable to stop him. Jack’s life and liberty are in grave peril as his secret faces exposure, while Emily’s troubles are, it seems only just beginning with the return of someone she would much rather had disappeared forever. And Maria must decide, is blood really thicker than water, and should family always come first, no matter the cost? In More Harm than Good, the Kilteegan Bridge Series continues, as the modernity of the 1970’s challenges Irish traditional ways, and generations clash, sometimes with deadly consequences.

Release date: November 15, 2022

Publisher: Gold Harp Media Ltd

Print pages: 247

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