The Best of Deep Magic: Anthology One

The Best of Deep Magic: Anthology One

Book 30: Deep Magic
Jeff Wheeler Founding author
D.K. Holmberg Founding author
The Best of Deep Magic - fantastical worlds of space adventures, changelings, and dragons await!
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The Best of Deep Magic: Anthology One - fantastical worlds of space adventures, changelings and dragons await — stories with depth, strong protagonists, high tension, all told while pulling at your heart strings, or making you smile with understanding. In this anthology, you’ll find twenty-three stories, including many novelettes. Go on adventures from deep space, to ancient Rome (with magic), to Mars, and many other new fantasy worlds. The stories included in this anthology are: THE APOTHECANT by Brendon Taylor; IMPERIAL GHOSTS by Arinn Dembo; THE BEESINGER'S DAUGHTER by Jeff Wheeler; SALT AND WATER by Charlie N. Holmberg; THE WAXING DISQUIET by Tony Pi & Stephen Kotowych; PIRATE READERS by James Van Pelt; THE MOST REASONABLE HOUSE IN FAERIE by Dafydd McKimm; THE WIZARD'S GRANDDAUGHTER by Christopher Baxter; LADY OF WAR by Caitlyn McFarland; BETWEEN EARTH AND EXILE by Laurie Tom; WHAT HE OFFERED THE RIVER by Aimee Ogden; LULLABY FOR THE TREES by Sarina Dorie; LEVI'S PROBLEM by Brendon Taylor; HER GLIMMERING FACADE by Eleanor R. Wood; THE TARIFF by Allen Shoof; THE PRICE OF HEALING by D.K. Homberg; AUTUMN AT THE DRAGON'S CAVE by Kathryn Yelinek; MONGREL by Maria V. Snyder; THE DRAGON BETWEEN WORLDS by T.E. Bradford; METAMORPHISTRY by Jeff Wheeler; A THEFT OF WORDS by D.K. Holmberg; MOONBODY by Scott Hughes; PAWPRINTS IN THE AEOLIAN DUST by Eleanor R. Wood. Deep Magic's Anthology One has science fiction and fantasy stories hand selected by our team based on feedback directly from fans. All of these stories have a noblebright thread of honor, compassion, or selflessness. So jump in and unmask a devious witch, live as a wizard during WWII, be a part of a revolution, get lost on another planet, cry alongside a mermaid, discover a captive dragon, and so much more in this jam-packed anthology. Explore these stories by bestselling authors today, and experience new adventures of sacrifice, love, family, loss, and triumph.

Release date: November 15, 2018

Publisher: Amberlin

Print pages: 573

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