Book 4: Magitech Legacy
Chris Fox Founding author
Join us, or die and join anyway
Genres: Science Fiction
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I hate necromancers. They're sneaky, and underhanded, and...damned effective. My father's ghost is going to be reshaped into an assassin sent to kill my mother unless I dance for Necrotis, an unliving goddess and ruler of the Maker's Wrath.

A storm rages across the void, with winds upwards of two thousand kilometers a second in some places, the Catalyst known as Sanctuary. The Unseen Fleets lurk somewhere within, and emerge to harvest miners working the asteroids and moons flung out of the storm. Necrotis wants me to fly inside, find a city that predates the Great Cycle, and find a way inside when no one ever has before.

No pressure, right?

If I didn't need enough incentive here's some more. My mother promised the Confederate Pantheon that I'd fly into the storm to find answers while they marshal their forces for war. No one asked me, or my crew. I wish I could give them the middle finger, and take the Remora and run, but if I do?

Well... I have a feeling the whole galaxy is going to burn. I need to save my father. I need to find out what's hiding in that storm, and then turn it on the people trying to use me. I'll get answers all right, but not the ones they want.

Release date: September 10, 2020

Print pages: 286

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