Dying World

Dying World

Book 1: Magitech Legacy
Chris Fox Founding author
Relic Hunting is Dangerous Business. Space pirates, dragons, undead and worse lurk in the darkened corridors.
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Relic Hunting is Dangerous Business

Space pirates, dragons, undead and worse lurk in the darkened corridors of the derelict Great Ships, the remains of the once mighty Vagrant Fleet. These ancient hulks are powered by a combination of magic and technology, created by gods we no longer remember or understand.

Every new ship offers a million ways to die, but those ships have ancient magic our sector hasn’t seen in millennia. The kind of magic that will keep my ship flying, and maybe help me find answers. Where did our people come from, and how did we end up marooned in this system?

Those answers haven’t been important until now. Our world is tumbling into the sun, and the clock is ticking. Either we get at least one Great Ship active, or everyone dies. No pressure right?

A new series in the Amazon Bestselling Magitech Chronicles universe. Want to make your own characters? The Magitech Chronicles RPG allows you to be part of the action long after you finish the books. Learn more at or by googling Magitech Chronicles World Anvil

Release date: January 20, 2020

Print pages: 257

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