Remove the Shroud: The King's Ranger Book 3

Remove the Shroud: The King's Ranger Book 3

AC Cobble Founding author
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A ranger's duty. The rotten heart of a king. Rebellion spilled from the blood of family.

Having fled Spinesend following a calamitous encounter atop one of the city's towers, Rew and his companions face a long journey across a dangerous land to the city of Carff, the seat of Prince Valchon. The treacherous spellcaster Alsayer fled there, along with Kallie Fedgley, but finding them without attracting the murderous gaze of the prince might be impossible.

During the journey, Rew and the others uncover sadistic plots by the princes against each other, and they garner the attention of the king himself. The younglings must sharpen their skills for what is to come, and Rew must command the courage to finally face his past.

In the third book of the King's Ranger series, the shroud of secrecy around the king, his sons, and the terrible necromancy that has kept the family in power is yanked away. The Investiture is just the beginning of a terrible truth that endangers all who know it. The stakes are revealed, and failure means an eternity of damnation.

The King's Ranger is a classic fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of Michael J Sullivan, Brent Weeks, James Islington, and AC Cobble's Benjamin Ashwood Series.

Release date: April 1, 2021

Publisher: Cobble Publishing LLC

Print pages: 341

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