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AC Cobble is the author of The King's Ranger, Benjamin Ashwood and Cartographer series.

The King's Ranger, AC's newest series, is a clean, action-packed adventure. Rew, the titular ranger, wants only to manage the wilderness he is responsible for, but the arrival of three youths in his jail cell force him to embark on an epic journey. To protect the youths, he's forced to confront a darkness in his past and join a swirling conflict that will envelope the entire kingdom.

Benjamin Ashwood is AC's take on the classic farm boy with a sword fantasy story. It starts much like they all do, but in Ben's world like the real world, heroes are made not born, and the good guys don't always win. Try it today and find out why this series has sold hundreds of thousands of copies!

The Cartographer is a little sexier and a little darker, but has the same sense of fun and adventure as Benjamin Ashwood. Think world spanning travel and exploration, occult rituals, dark seductresses, bodies dropping like flies, and bar fights. Fans of Rhys will love Oliver and Sam. Join the adventure today!

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Genres: FantasyDark FantasyEpic FantasyFantasy action & adventureGaslampNew Adult & CollegeSword & Sorcery

Books by AC Cobble

Benjamin Ashwood Short Stories
The Cartographer
Benjamin Ashwood
The King's Ranger

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