One Last Time

One Last Time

Corinne Michaels Founding author
She's ready to forget the awkward night, yet Noah has no intention of allowing her to move on.
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"One Last Time might be my favorite Corinne Michaels novel so far! A second-chance romance that captivated me from the very beginning."
Alessandra Torre
NYT Bestselling Author


I'm getting really good at cutting my losses.

First, the husband. Divorcing him was the best decision I ever made. But between single-parenting and job-hunting, I can't catch my breath. When a celebrity blogging job falls into my lap, I'm determined to succeed.

Until I run into Hollywood's golden-boy Noah Frazier before his interview, and I forget how to form complete sentences. His chiseled abs, irresistible smirk, and crystal blue eyes are too perfect to be real. So, what do I do?

Humiliate myself, of course.

I'm ready to forget the night from hell, yet Noah has no intention of allowing me to move on. Instead, he arranges for me to write a feature on him, ensuring a lot more time together, including new embarrassing moments. As the article takes shape, so does our relationship and I realize-I'm falling in love with him.

But when the unthinkable happens, can I even blame him for cutting his losses? What I wouldn't give for just one last time . . .

Release date: February 24, 2018

Publisher: BAAE Inc.

Print pages: 368

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One Last Time
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