Master of the Moor

Master of the Moor

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The bleak expanse of Vangmoor was a dark, forbidding place. One victim had been found there, blonde, her face disfigured, her head shorn close to the scalp - killed without motive or mercy. Then a second woman went missing on the moor, and a sense of utter dread gripped the fifty local men who searched for her. Someone watched them in that treacherous place. Was he a killer? Or was he merely angry that a killer had usurped him? For he, and only he, was the Master of the Moor.

Release date: November 21, 2012

Publisher: Fawcett

Print pages: 256

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Master of the Moor
Ruth Rendell
Michael Bryant
195.44 MB
July 7, 2011
Random House UK




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