From Book 1: New exchange student Mallory is causing quite the stir at London Prep -- specifically with best friends Harry and Noah. Their fast friendship makes way for a tricky love triangle in this entertaining tale of high school drama!

London Prep--where the boys are as cute as their accents.

Hi. I know everything about this school. And for your information, Harry and Noah happen to be my best mates. That's why I took it upon myself to sit next to you and introduce myself. I saw the way Harry was wrapped around you and the way Noah looked like he wanted to murder you. You've already gotten my boys twisted up, plus half the girls in History, so I had to see what the fuss was all about. You're the new girl and bound to cause drama, so I figured it's my civic duty to help guide you through the hostile and hormonal battlefield that is Kensington School.

This is how a really cute guy introduced himself to me on the first day of my three-week student exchange in London. 
And if you couldn't already tell, I think his friend Harry is adorable. His blue eyes and charming wit instantly won me over. Right after his lips did.
Noah, on the other hand, is tall, dark, intense and spends way too much time in the shower. I know this because I have to live with him.

My name is Mallory James and my life just got a whole lot more complicated.

"This young adult romance makes the heart dance as it bursts with compassionate and complex characters, delicious dialogue and curl-your-goes tension. It's ADDICTING, ANGST-FILLED, and ALL THE FEELS! I devoured every word and consumed this story in one sitting. I WAS POSSESSED ... a prisoner of this romance. London Prep is bloody brilliant! This book gave me the biggest buzz ... it blew me away! "
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ bloody brilliant stars-- Bookalicious Babes Blog

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