Karun: A Sci-fi Alien Dragon Romance

Karun: A Sci-fi Alien Dragon Romance

Zara Zenia Founding author
There’s a new dragon in town who can shift form. His enemies attacked us. We are trying to survive.
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There’s a new dragon in town who can shift form.
His enemies attacked us.
We are trying to survive.
But before I go, I wouldn’t mind being saved by the alien dragon prince.

Andie is a sergeant in the local militia on Vaxivia. Her past experiences with aliens haven’t been the best. But after helping the alien princes against their enemies and learning that they were there to defend her people, she decides to leave her position to help them full time.

Prince Karun is the militant expert and strategist in his royal family. He thought that the Infernians were on Vaxivia, looking for them. They were the ones who hit Karun’s ship in the first place that crash landed. His suspicions turned out to be true.

Karun and Andie have instant chemistry together, but decide to push their feelings aside to work together. But one day when they are ambushed by the assassins and end up in isolation together, they need to rely on each other to survive through their growing love for each other.

Will Andie and Karun be able to get out of this alive? Will they be able to suppress their feelings for good or have its distraction be their downfall?

Karun is the second book in the new Aliens of Dragselis series. This is a science fiction romance story that has a headstrong military human female and the dominant alien dragon shifter who shows her love. Each book in this page-turning alien dragon shifter, science fiction series has no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Release date: June 20, 2017

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 288

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