The Alien Reindeer's Christmas Miracle

The Alien Reindeer's Christmas Miracle

Zara Zenia Founding author
Janice White loved Christmas, and taking a holiday trip to Finland was a dream come true.
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Janice White loved Christmas, and taking a holiday trip to Finland was a dream come true. With her team in tow, including the jerk who always challenged her every decision, she set out to find Christmas legends for her doctorate dissertation.

What she found was love at first sight.

Oskar Halfardsson was a Reilendeer, an alien living below Luosto Fell in a village his kind built away from the prying eyes of humans. When the group of Americans showed up in a nearby village, Oskar set out to spread joy and cheer. Legend has it that Reilendeer were known for such jovial traditions which fed their spirits.

With one look at Janice, Oskar knew without a doubt that he’d met his mate.

All he had to do was convince her that some legends are real and need protected, and that he was the protector for her.

The authors of Starr Huntress were given a challenge: give readers a reindeer shifter in your holiday story. We all agreed to call our shifters “reilendeer” and decided they bring good cheer to the world around them… and then we went crazy! You might notice differences about the world and abilities of the reilendeer from story to story, and that’s because each author has put her own spin on the challenge.

Now it’s time to grab your eggnog, cuddle up by the fire, and enjoy these steamy alien shifters.

Release date: November 19, 2019

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 166

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