Alien Sleeping Beauty: A Sci-fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance

Alien Sleeping Beauty: A Sci-fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance

Zara Zenia Founding author
An introverted alien ruler searching for his mate. A gentle poet longing to find true love. A wicked plan to k
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Heroic and wise Prince Jinurak longs to find his mate, yet his reserved nature has prevented him from taking any real steps to secure his future. After watching his twin brother Lortnam marry, he’s convinced himself to meet the woman he’s been flirting with online.

Romantic Ariana has longed for true love, pouring her heart and desire to find her white knight into her poetry. When her online flirtation with the alien prince moves to the next step, she leaps at the invitation to come visit him, intent on determining whether he is the one she’s been waiting for.

But someone is intent on destroying the connection between the two young potential loves kidnaps Ariana, placing her under suspended animation and securing her away in a complex fortress.

When Jinurak starts receiving cryptic poems from Ariana, begging for his help and leaving clues for him to follow, he sets off, intent on rescuing her and solidifying their future.

Will the forces intent on destroying the Trilyn succeed in keeping Ariana secreted away from her one true love, or will Prince Jinurak be able to rescue his sleeping beauty against all odds?

Alien Sleeping Beauty is part of the Trilyn Alien Fairy Tales Series. This is a science fiction romance story features a fearless human female poet and a dominant alien prince trying to get home. This is a page-turning science fiction full-length novel that has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Release date: March 26, 2020

Print pages: 312

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