Humans Are Stupid: Funny Sci-fi Stories

Humans Are Stupid: Funny Sci-fi Stories

Hondo Jinx Founding author
Yes, humans are stupid – but that’s what makes us interesting.
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.OH, THE STUPIDITY! Dive into this square-jawed quartet of humorous sci-fi stories and discover that yes, Humans Are Stupid – but that’s what makes us interesting. Re-Zip to the Rescue! For a starship crew marooned in the brain of a giant space squid, hope arrives in a most dubious form: intergalactic door-to-door salesman Bob Branton. Atypical Exterminators, Incorporated When strange jellyfish invade his life, a desperate man fights to save his family, his home, and reality itself. C.O.D. Calamity After hard-nosed Ted Benton discovers a tiny gargoyle smashed to death in the grille of his Chevy, he’s determined to make a quick buck… at any cost. Attack of the Student Zombies Surrounded by hundreds of jabbering middle-school zombies, a team of two-fisted teachers struggles mightily to escape the dim and dusty death trap known as the faculty lounge.

Release date: December 12, 2017

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 62

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