Holt: A military instalove short

Holt: A military instalove short

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Running a remote wilderness safe house for the FBI helps pay the bills, and it's usually not a strenuous job. Until they send Felicity. I knew the second I saw her she was mine. I also know a secret — she can't walk away from a fight. So all I have to do is keep pushing her buttons for the next eighty years...

None of this was my idea, and I'm sick and tired of men that act like I'm not even in the room. Especially when they're gorgeous. And make outrageous pronouncements about our future together without even asking. So rude! Mind you, he's very good at kissing...

Meet the Mountain Men of SEAL Force Delta Tango!
A high-profile mission becomes a media firestorm. To survive the fallout, a tight-knit team of Navy SEALs relocates deep in the mountains. They know how to stay alive, even thrive, in treacherous conditions, but when love shows up out of the blue will they continue to fight or surrender their hearts?

Each story is short and steamy with an HEA/epilogue. It's over the top instalove with no drama, cheating, or cliffhangers. But there's plenty of snuggling under the covers high in the mountains and a rather noticeable lack of guestrooms...


Release date: February 26, 2021

Print pages: 39

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