Holmes Is Missing

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Meet the most original and exciting team of investigators ever— three modern detectives armed with the methods of the greatest of all time. Brilliant detective Brendan Holmes has gone missing, along with many of the most powerful people in New York. Can Margaret Marple and Augustus Poe use their legendary skills to save the A-listers' lives and, while they're at it, rescue Holmes?

Success has come quickly to Holmes, Marple & Poe Investigations, a Brooklyn-based elite team of three detectives with famous names and mysterious pasts. 

At two a.m., Auguste Poe, the “muscle” of the trio, speeds across the Williamsburg Bridge toward a fresh NYPD crime scene, called by Detective Helene Grey. His passenger, Margaret Marple, is the “eyes” of their operation—a PI whose contact list is rivaled only by her keen powers of observation.  

Six infants are missing. 

So is the “brain” of their agency, Brendan Holmes. 

When the two PIs arrive at the scene, they’re confronted by a perplexing abduction case. 

Poe whispers to Marple, “Of all the times to be one brain short!” 

If only they could consult with the errant Holmes—before the kidnappers strike again.

Release date: January 6, 2025

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Print pages: 400

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