Hand of Justice

Hand of Justice

Robin James Founding author
Seven members of one family are murdered in their homes. No one saw. No one heard. Everyone has a theory.
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Seven members of one family are found murdered in their homes in the heart of Ohio farm country. No one saw. No one heard. Everyone has a theory and a motive.

With the ink still wet on her divorce decree, prosecutor Mara Brent catches the case that shocks the nation. Suspicion grows as the investigation gets underway pitting neighbor against neighbor. The press dubs the victims the Sutter Seven and almost everyone in town has a finger to point. Were the Sutters victims or villains?

Mara hopes tensions will cool when an arrest is made and the trial unfolds. But it only opens up fragile fault lines and old family feuds that erupt in more violence. To make matters worse, Mara must face down her toughest courtroom adversary yet. The defendant has hired one of the country’s top defense lawyers and the woman who taught Mara everything she knows. Revelations at trial will test old alliances and uncover new enemies as Mara fights to restore order to her hometown.

Can Mara bring the killer to justice before the whole town implodes?

Release date: February 15, 2021

Publisher: Robin James Books

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