Dead Law

Dead Law

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Small-town lawyer Cass Leary’s latest client just dug up a decades-old, million-dollar mystery hidden under the floorboards of her grandmother’s house.

Zoe Paul never had much. Abandoned as an infant, her grandmother Marilyn raised her until a tragic accident left Zoe all alone. Now, sixteen years later, Zoe discovers an unclaimed check worth millions among her grandmother’s things. With no explanation why Marilyn never cashed the check or what it was for, Zoe's curiosity quickly turns to suspicion and she goes to Cass for help.

Cass is used to representing small-town clients with big-time troubles, but this newfound windfall may be more curse than blessing. Soon Zoe’s long-lost relatives crawl out of the woodwork with claims to the funds. Cass must face-off with them in a bitter courtroom battle that draws sinister attention.

While Cass investigates the check's origins and the events leading up to Marilyn's accident, she exposes a dangerous web of deceit that threatens Zoe's safety as well as her own. The truth could either set Zoe up for life or reveal shocking family secrets worth killing for.

Will Cass unravel the mystery or become the next victim of a deadly cover up?

Dead Law is the gripping eleventh book in the Cass Leary Legal Thriller Series by Robin James. With sharp dialogue, well-drawn characters, and a twisty plot that will keep you guessing until the very end, this series is a must-read for fans of John Grisham and Michael Connelly.

Release date: April 21, 2023

Publisher: Robin James Books

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Dead Law
Robin James
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