Fury of Denial

Fury of Denial

A wild twist of fate threw them together. Will they survive when enemy forces threaten to tear them apart?
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A twist of fate threw them together. Now, a dragon-shifter and a pastry chef must find a way out before his enemies tear them apart.

Blinded in an ambush, Scottish dragon warrior Wallaig has spent half a century in the dark with one thing on his mind—vengeance. When the rogue faction responsible returns to Scotland and targets a human female, he saves her life, determined to exact his revenge—even if it means using her as bait.

Talented pastry chef, Amantha Leblanc dreams of running her own business. With her goal in sight, she doubles down, only to have her plan blown out of the water when Wallaig breaks into her apartment. Dodging a rogue pack of dragon warriors, she’s forced to decide—rely on a blindman to keep her alive or risk everything by going it alone.

Can a damaged warrior help a stubborn chef see the light? Or will dark forces conspire to keep the woman he needs out of his life?

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Release date: February 19, 2021

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

Print pages: 121

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