FORGOTTEN WITNESS: A Josie Bates Thriller

FORGOTTEN WITNESS: A Josie Bates Thriller

A madman leads Josie Bates to her past and, perhaps, her death.
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Appearing before the Senate Select Committee on Eastern European crime, Josie Bates testifies passionately about the brutal Albanian blood feud that has sent Hannah into hiding with Billy Zuni. While Senator Patriota promises his patronage Josie isn't convinced he was even listening – but someone was.Charging through the crush of bodies, evading security, a frantic man launches himself at Josie. Toppling her to the ground, he pushes something into her hands, puts his lips against her ear and whispers five words that will send her from the icy winter of Washington, D.C. to the tropical warmth of Hawaii in search of Hannah. What Josie finds is a horrific, long buried truth that will change her life forever - if she stays alive long enough to live it.

Release date: December 4, 2019

Publisher: Rebecca Forster

Print pages: 380

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Behind the book

Each character is movtivated by something that made them what they are when The Witness Series opened. Archer's background came to light in Silent Witness, Hannah's in Hostile Witness, Billy in Eyewitness. Josie's adult life was formed by the abandonment of her mother when Josie was a teen. I knew there would have to be a book to confront this powerful hurt and allow her to come to grips with her past. This book resolves them but not in the way you might thing. Like Josie, the story of her mother is one of a single person up against a system that has the power of life, death, and something even more horrible in between. Forgotten Witness is that story.


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