A blood feud sent Hannah Sheraton and Billy Zuni fleeing for their lives; a government that wants to turn Billy over to juvenile authorities keeps them on the run. When their trail goes cold, Archer and Josie reluctantly abandon their search for the teenagers. Determined to stay out of harm's way until Billy turns eighteen, they hunker down in the darkest corner of earth they can find and wait for the danger to pass. The journey is treacherous, and near deadly for Hannah, but luck is with them. They find themselves far from Hermosa Beach in a small commune in the wilds of Alaska. But when the perpetual winter dark turns to inky black, they realize they have taken refuge in hell. Now Hannah and Billy's fight is not only for their lives, but their very souls.

Release date: December 3, 2019

Print pages: 366

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Behind the book

When I was a toddler my father was stationed in Alaska. The pictures we have are of a happy family in a bleak setting. Fifty years later I went back to see where I had lived but instead found an adventure into the interior of Alaska that made me realize how remote and terrifying and beautiful the place could be. That trip inspired Billy and Hannah's run for safety. But, like so many things that look like the answer to a problem, they find they have landed themselves in a hell they could never imagine.


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