Eyewitness: a Josie Bates Thriller

Eyewitness: a Josie Bates Thriller

A brutal triple murder is the eye of the storm when ancient law collides with modern justice.
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In the dead of night, Josie Bates is ripped from sleep by the sounds of an epic storm raging over Hermosa Beach and a man beating on her door begging her to help Billy Zuni who is drowning in the raging sea. She arrives at the shore just in time to see the teenager pulled from the water, battered and near death. Ready to kill Billy's selfish, neglectful mother, Josie rushes to the Zuni house only to find someone has beaten her to it. Two men lie dead downstairs and Billy's mother clings to life on the floor above. Spurred on by Hannah's fear that Billy will be framed for the murders, Josie takes up his defense. But Billy is evasive, physical evidence points to his guilt, and the county counsel wants him committed to the state. With the clock ticking, Archer and Josie set out to find the mysterious man who can vouch for Billy's whereabouts at the time of the murders. What they find instead is a web of intrigue and deceit that stretches half way around the world and an eyewitness who is blinded by a justice Josie cannot understand.

Release date: December 5, 2019

Print pages: 392

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Rebecca Forster
Ann Marie Lee
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Behind the book

When I visited Albanian for the first time it was to the remote Acursed Mountains, the Albanian Alps. There I found that time had stood still. Villages were often compounds that housed one large family, guns were everywhere, and blood feud as outlined in the Kunan (an ancient code of law) was still practiced. I was inspired to write this book: a thriller in which ancient law collides with modern justice. 


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