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Thriller junkie living what she writes. Los Angeles
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I started writing on a crazy dare. Now I'm  a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author with over 40 novels to my name. I am married to a superior court judge and am the mother of two grown sons. My thrillers are inspired by real life court and crime drama both in the U.S. and around the world. To find out more about my adventures, see behind the books. I love hearing from readers and always write back.

Genres: Crime & MysteryLegal ThrillersPolitical ThrillersPsychological ThrillersSuspense

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Finn O'Brien

Behind the books

Each book I write is inspired by a personal experience. Whether it grows from court watching, meeting someone in the justice community or hands on experience, my books are personal. My husband presiding over the trial of a teenager being tried as an adult for muder inspired Hostile Witness. An insider look at a women's prison drove me to write the opening scene for that book.  I traveled to the wild north of Albania to research blood feuds and then I wrote Eyewitness. The DEA and ATF's Citizen Academy courses talk me how to handle a gun and analyze bomb fragments and recognize drug houses - all useful in the gritty Finn O'Brien Thrillers. I landed by tail hook on the USS Nimitz and spent two days exploring one of the U.S.'s most amazing aircraft carriers. I try to get as close to what I write as possible to make my writing richer and more thrilling. Read one of my books, ask me about the inspiration. I'm always happy to let you in on the adventure.

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