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Revealing herself means losing her true love, so how far will she go to protect her identity?
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A continuation of Mira MacAuley's story. Best enjoyed if you've read Returning, Episode I first!

Things are progressing with Mira and Nathan's relationship, although not nearly as quickly as Mira would like. If it were up to her, they'd be well on their way to making a family by now. But Nathan's traditional ways means Mira has to hold herself back. Not an easy ask for a siren.

Just as Mira's life seems to be heading in the right direction, her estranged father makes an unexpected appearance. When past events that should have been erased from his memory begin to surface, driving him mad, everything Mira believed about the powers of a siren's voice is thrown into doubt.

How will she cope when a member of her own family becomes the enemy?

Don't miss the exciting second installation of Mira's story!

The Returning duology are companion novels to The Elemental Origins Series, a teen fantasy adventure by a USA Today Bestselling author.

Release date: March 30, 2017

Publisher: Intellectually Promiscuous Press

Print pages: 115

Content advisory: Mira's Return series has been renamed "Mermaid's Return"; content has not changed.

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