A Prince of Autumn

A Prince of Autumn

A.L. Knorr Founding author
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Jessamine, Laec and Çifta will never be the same after the Daughter of Winter’s return, but each still has a chance for happily ever after.

  • One must lay to rest the lies of the past.
  • One must fulfil his commission in order to be with his love.
  • One must overcome the expectations of an entire kingdom.

And all depend on the actions of the rightful heir to the Rahamlar throne. Can the dark prince’s plan be thwarted?

In a story with more twists than a coiled snake, A Prince of Autumn takes readers on a roller coaster of emotion and action to a satisfying conclusion.

Welcome to the continent of Ivryndi, where flora and fauna magic reign, and an unseelie prince with a mysterious power threatens it all. If you love stories steeped in the beauty of nature, slow-burn romance, and endearing characters you'll never forget, enter the dreamy otherworld of The Scented Court. This series delivers an epic-length fantasy experience by an award-winning author.

Release date: August 21, 2023

Publisher: Intellectually Promiscuous Press

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