Cold as Death

Cold as Death

Kristi Belcamino Founding author
Nico's efforts to protect Rosalie backfire in the most horrific way. Now it's up to Gia to save them all.
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Gia Santella and Rosalie have fallen into domestic life at an estate outside Mexico City where the seemingly endless days are long, lazy, and luxurious ...

The sun-drenched days seem as if they will last forever. Even though Gia must return to San Francisco when Rosalie's school starts again, that reality seems far away.

Meanwhile, Nico Morales is intent on finding a way to exit his role as the head of one of the world's most powerful cartels so he can be the father Rosalie needs. His only desire in life now is to keep the girl safe.

But his actions to protect her backfire terribly and in the most horrific way.

And it's up to Gia to save them all.

Now she must risk it all for those she loves.

Release date: January 28, 2020

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 146

Content advisory: Prolific use of swear words, particularly the author's favorite - the F bomb. Some sex. Some drugs. Some ass kicking.

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