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Will they find courage to trust and listen to each other or will they continue on their path to heartbreak?
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Annabelle Johnson has a secret. It could ruin her. But yet, she remained in a darkened room with a gentleman. Perhaps it was because for the first time she felt safe in a gentleman’s company.

Compromised and hiding a damning secret was never going to be a good mix. Annabelle had to think of something before her secret ruined her and hurt the man she had married.

Lord Stannage, Earl of Garston was a handsome man. A pity then that everyone who met him only noticed his different coloured eyes. In a society that only perfection was accepted, he was never going to feel welcomed. He avoids society apart from when he becomes too lonely.

Two people, both hurting and afraid, needing each other’s strength before their living nightmare can ease. Will they find the courage to trust and listen to each other, or will they continue on their path to heartbreak?

Release date: April 29, 2015

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 208

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