Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession

Rebecca Zanetti Founding author
A new relationship, a new law firm, and a new nemesis put Anna into another hilarious mystery.
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Keywords: female sleuth


The plural form of Nemesis is Nemeses

Anna Albertini never thought she’d have to look up the plural form of nemesis. In fact, she never thought she’d have one, much less three. But as she and her new partner try to make a go of their fledgling law firm, enemies come from every direction.

First, there’s a newspaper reporter trying to make a name for herself by dogging Anna’s every move. Second, there’s a lawyer on the opposite side of every case who just doesn’t like Anna. And third, there’s Aiden Devlin’s ex-girlfriend, who decides to descend upon the sleeping Idaho town like a bird of prey. It’s too bad she’s discovered dead…after finding herself on the wrong end of a potato gun, putting Anna top of the suspect list.

Anna deals with every day as it arrives while juggling her developing relationship with Aiden, trying to pay her rent by finding at least one client who pays, and finally by partnering with her Nonna Albertini in the world’s most chaotic plan to match-make her sister with the Elk County’s prosecuting attorney, Nick Basanelli. It’s a good thing Anna has learned to thrive in chaos.

Release date: March 23, 2021

Publisher: RAZ INK

Print pages: 340

Reader says this book is...: action-packed (2) clever protagonist (2) entertaining story (1) escapist/easy read (1) female sleuth (2) heart touching (1) heartwarming (1) high stakes (1) likable hero (2) quirky supporting cast (1) satisfying ending (1) strong chemistry (1) strong heroine (2) suspenseful (1) swoon-worthy (1) terrific writing (1) unexpected twists (2) unputdownable (1) witty (1) year's top 10 (1)

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