The Uneven Road

The Uneven Road

A mixed-race son leaves his island home to redefine himself in a wider, more dangerous world.
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The remote peninsula of Innisfree on Chappaquiddick Island carries the weight of dreams and loss and salvation for Josiah Monroe, whose life has been molded by its wildness and isolation. When his parents make the painful decision to sell Innisfree—the symbol of his Wampanoag heritage and identity—Josiah abandons the island, seeking solace in a wider, more dangerous world. The Vietnam War, the upheaval of the Sixties and the rejection of his roots lead him on a perilous journey that takes him far from Chappaquiddick both physically and emotionally.

The loss of Innisfree catapults the entire family into a spiral of disconnection. Mae and Tobias struggle not only with Josiah’s disappearance and silence but also with the debilitating polio suffered by his sister, Izzy, as the new owner of Innisfree becomes a force driving them apart. Ultimately, it is the power and magic of the island itself and the bonds of family that call them back to one another.

Release date: March 31, 2016

Publisher: Bellastoria Press

Print pages: 380

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