The Silas Kane Scrolls

The Silas Kane Scrolls

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Upon the shores of an ancient sea in a long-forgotten land, the slaves of Kel - the city of tears - cried out for a hero, one who would save them from their tormented existence.

What they got was Silas Kane, the most inept paladin to ever defile a holy symbol. Raised by insane monks, he's out to spread the love of his god ... whether or not anyone wants it.

With a high tolerance for pain and a dump stat in intelligence, Silas is on a quest to end the suffering of those in need - one way or the other.


From Rick Gualtieri, author of Bill The Vampire, comes the untold origin story of Silas Kane: the hard-praying, thick-headed holy warrior from the popular Authors & Dragons podcast.

Authors & Dragons Origins are standalone stories that can be enjoyed as a series or by themselves:
Book 1 - The Totally Legend of Brandon Thighmaster
Book 2 - The Silas Kane Scrolls
Book 3 - Klaus Encounters
Book 4 - The True Confessions of Fandingo the Fantastical

Release date: March 12, 2018

Publisher: Authors & Dragons

Print pages: 131

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