The Ruined Throne

The Ruined Throne

Stolen by the Void god's champion, Ara Zypherus must escape, or lose her life.
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The demon is more than he appears.

Kidnapped by the dark god's champion, elven princess Ara Zypherus is held prisoner in the remains of her ex-fiancé's palace. The demon leader seems to know quite a bit about the long-dead crown prince of Waetherea, and Ara slowly breaks as he unravels the lies told to her.

When commander Raethin Corvus gasps back to life, he learns that his princess is gone—and the deity to whom he gave his soul is ready to take action to save the realms. Together with the Rakevan guardian and a strange elven priestess, Raethin hunts after Ara and the Void King's champion. Time is running out, and if he doesn't stop the demon before he kills Ara, then the Void King will consume all life.

Release date: December 15, 2020

Publisher: Seven Stars Press

Print pages: 199

Content advisory: Violence

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