The Dark Realm

The Dark Realm

It's a race to the last gate. Will Ara Zypherus destroy it before the Void King reaches it?
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They must destroy the last gate—no matter the cost.

Separated after the destruction of the second gate, Ara, Raethin, Cirith, and Zira must find their way back to one another before Aeskrius can cut them down one by one.

The will of the primordial gods lead Raethin to Ara and together, they trek the vast Kava Sil landscape to find the rest of their team. With the help of the foreign guardian of the god of fire, Cirith and Zira regroup with the princess and her commander.

The final hours draw near as they race against the Void King's champion to the final gate. The fate of Thraes depends on them to stop Aeskrius before he rips open the realms.

Release date: June 25, 2021

Publisher: Seven Stars Press

Content advisory: Violence

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