The Forgotten Gate

The Forgotten Gate

Ara Zypherus and her companions must get to the gates before the dark god's champion does.
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Ara must face her destiny.

Cirith returns to his home with an unconscious Ara in his arms and discovers the treachery of his goddess he swore to cherish and protect. Distraught, he seeks to reconcile with the earthen goddess, and is punished instead. Zira, the strange priestess he had fallen for so many years ago, saves him and he learns that her lies are the least of his worries.

As Ara heals from her wounds, both internally and externally, she discovers the new bond she made with the sun goddess has changed her. After returning from the City of sun, her commander Raethin is not the same either. Together, they discover their true selves, and realize the budding love they have for one another.

Together, Ara, Raethin, and their companions seek after the gates that bridge the realms. They must stop Aeskrius from opening the portals and unleashing his darkness to the rest of Thraes.

Release date: March 9, 2021

Publisher: Seven Stars Press

Print pages: 167

Content advisory: Violence

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