The Rage of Danu

The Rage of Danu

The goddess arrives with a warning. The unfortunate witnesses face their mortality as the pendulum swings.
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Welcome to book 3 in the Irish Phantom Series! Enjoy linked novellas that keep the tension high and build up to the final and thrilling conclusion.

A messenger has been chosen and time has run out. Loyalty and terror, obsession and love… is the McCarthy family cursed? Symbols and signs emerge in the sky, as the raven watches and waits. An Irish family mourns their loss as a dark prophecy comes true. The future is created and the impossible becomes a reality.

Danger tinges the air when a beautiful stranger arrives to shake things up. Nigel returns to reveal the navigation of an archaic place, but in doing so he defies Manann to be near his beloved Mary one more time. Free will and sibling rivalry show their true nature when the ancient Celtic gods come out to play.

Written in close conjunction as linked novellas: Corvus Hall-Book 1 and Loftus Hall-Book 2 you will enjoy The Irish Phantom Series to its utmost read in sequential order.

The phantoms arrive to wreak havoc with the mortals. Will they spare the innocent or give them a wicked taste of why they’ve come? If you love haunted places, Gothic imagery, folklore, Celtic magic and myth, ghosts and dramatic scenes, you will have a blast reading this series.

Travel to the Emerald Isle in the Irish Phantom Series by Bibiana Krall Purchase your copy now!

(Mont Pelier-Book 4 is currently in progress.) The final and spectacular conclusion to an epic journey.

Release date: March 5, 2020

Publisher: Black Calyx Books

Print pages: 118

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