Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall

In the recess of your mind there is another lifetime and another battle to win.
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Welcome to book 2 in the Irish Phantom Series!

Enjoy linked novellas that keep the tension high and build up to the final and thrilling conclusion. A young expatriate named Mary O'Brien moves to Ireland from America and gets a lot more than she bargains for. Ghosts, gothic-style mayhem, a deadly curse and legends that do more than creep.

Loftus Hall was written in a series as a close continuation of Corvus Hall, Book 1- The Irish Phantom Series and will be enjoyed to its fullest read in sequential order.

A wealthy, Irish family is torn apart by grief after the death of loved ones in a tragic house fire. They strive to move on with their lives to find hope in the next generation. The curse that once tormented the McCarthy family sleeps and the ghosts of Corvus Hall finally leave them in peace. But are they truly gone?

One child is born of blood and bone, another of dark magic and prophecy. The ghastly raven watches and dispatches his murder of crows that see all and bear witness. Biding his time for the precious moment that he’s waited centuries for. After a seal is broken in a mystical text, the fury of an ancient rises from the sea and a rival in the mist treads the murky path between the living and the dead. Nothing is, as it seems.

Mary and her unlikely group of allies are the key components to unlocking the secrets of a windswept and haunted place named Loftus Hall. Enter if you dare…

Release date: January 22, 2019

Publisher: Black Calyx Books

Print pages: 108

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