The Minoan Manifest

The Minoan Manifest

Nick Thacker Founding author
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10,000 years ago, Antarctica was not the frozen continent we know. And 6,000 years ago, they were visited by the Minoan civilization. What they found there was incredible: they weren't alone. From the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Harvey Bennett Thrillers series, the tenth book in the epic Harvey Bennett saga continues. When a Russian exploratory and science team discovers something miraculous on the coast of Antarctica, they race to tell their government about the strange findings. Instead of rejoicing, they are silenced. Halfway across the world, Dr. Sarah Lindgren is tapped to help a US-based committee determine the answer to a puzzling anomaly. She engages the help of her boyfriend, Gareth Red, and his group, the Civilian Special Operations. It seems something is happening on the world's southernmost continent, and the committee needs boots on the ground to find out what it is. But before they leave, the CSO group finds out something else: They aren't the only group on the hunt. Join Harvey "Ben" Bennett, Juliette Richardson, Dr. Sarah Lindgren, and Gareth Red as they embark on yet another world-spanning adventure. Perfect reading for the armchair traveler, and for fans of James Rollins, Clive Cussler, Andy McDermott, and Steve Berry.

Release date: September 28, 2020

Publisher: Turtleshell Press

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