Mason Dixon: Omnibus

Mason Dixon: Omnibus

Nick Thacker Founding author
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He's a bartender... and an assassin.

Mason Dixon just wants to make classy drinks for classy people. To pay off his bar and live in peace.

The problem? The best way he can find to pay off the bar is to take contracts.

Marks, as he calls them.

These marks are the kind who don't deserve to live, and it's Mason's speciality to ensure that they don't.

Grab a barstool, pour yourself a stiff drink, and get ready for nonstop action like you've never seen before.

The Mason Dixon series, in its full glory, is all here — action, adventure, boat races, gunfights, and intrigue set with the backdrop of South Carolina's tropical beaches.

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Release date: January 7, 2020

Publisher: Turtleshell Press

Print pages: 732

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