The Last Victim: A Violet Darger Novella

The Last Victim: A Violet Darger Novella

Book 2: Violet Darger
L.T. Vargus Founding author
An escaped killer. A troubled investigator. Secrets that haunt the past and present.
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New crimes lead FBI profiler Victor Loshak to revisit former scenes and witnesses in the Las Vegas area. The evidence suggests the return of a notorious and brutal serial killer from years ago -- the one who got away.

Loshak conceals his work from his partner, Violet Darger, and tries desperately to stay one step ahead of both her and the murderer.

Leonard Stump is back. Maybe. And things are about to get so much worse.

While the Darger books can be read in any order, here is the chronological order of the series:

Dead End Girl
Image in a Cracked Mirror (A Darger Novella)
Killing Season
The Last Victim (A Darger Novella)

Praise for the Violet Darger series:

"The Violet Darger books are honestly the best detective novels I've ever read." -- Devin

"Wow, just wow! If you like scare-you-half-to-death mystery books this is the one for you. It starts with a bang and just doesn't stop." -- Ada Lavin

"Violet Darger is a unique, incredible character, and I immensely enjoyed taking this journey with her." -- Cat

"A rush of excitement, twists and turns." -- C. Munger

"Insightful, bloody. Page turner about the corruption of morality and warped thinking patterns." -- Bella from

"Refuses to let go until you have read the last sentence." -- Bloodymummer

"I found myself completely invested in every character, from the authorities to the killer to the victims themselves." -- eden Hudson, author of Revenge of the Bloodslinger

"It's not a's a good long look inside the mind of a killer. It's fast paced, it's scary, and it's satisfying." -- Rain

"If you are a fan of Silence of the Lambs, this book is a spiritual successor." -- Amazon customer

"Vargus and McBain spin a fine tale with characters I want to climb inside--but not in a weird way." -- Jeanne Tarrants

Release date: November 6, 2017

Publisher: Smarmy Press

Print pages: 56

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The Last Victim: A Violet Darger Novella
L.T. Vargus
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