The House of Marchesi

The House of Marchesi

A duchessa is thrusted into the arms of a handsome duca. Destiny brought them together, but will it be enough?
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In 18th century Milan, a duchessa is thrusted from her horse and into the estate of another esteemed member of the king's court. Lilliana is unable to remember her accident or her identity. Duca Emmanuele notices that Duchessa Rosetta is complacent about their daughter's absence from the House of Montanari. She is unable to remember her accident or identity. Duca Alessandro cares for her. During the duchessa's convalescence, she and the duca grow in affection towards one another. The maidservant, Noemi of the House of Montanari silently volunteers to help locate and retrieve the missing duchessa. Noemi enlists the help of her fellow maidservant, Gabriella. The Crown learns of a conspiracy of a member within the king's court. Some of the ennobled are aware as well. The king and queen gather evidence and secure it in the royal vault. The duca and duchessa are determined to be with one another forever. Duca Emmanuele is right to be concerned for his daughter, for someone has conspired a dastardly plan against the duchessa, but who?

Release date: March 17, 2021

Publisher: Patricia M. Muhammad

Print pages: 412

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