Ardor's Prestige

Ardor's Prestige

Arabella flees the confines of her manor. An aristocrat searches for what he does not know. Chances are...
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Duchessa Anastasia sneaks away from the family mansion at night in 18th Century Venezia during Carnevale. Giorgio, her cavalier servente, has feelings for her. Anastasia accepts the esteemed courtier, Leandro's marriage proposal though he fails to disclose an important detail about himself. The royal guards seize Giorgio at the d'Alessi manor. The Crown accuses Giorgio of treason. Capriana, a servant, knows how Giorgio was framed. A conspirator intends to murder her. Anastasia and Leandro investigate Giorgio's allegations before they are wed. The duchessa is surprised as to whom it leads.

Release date: September 13, 2020

Publisher: Patricia M. Muhammad

Print pages: 253

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