Amalgamation:  Book Two of The Existence Parallel Series

Amalgamation: Book Two of The Existence Parallel Series

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The Dual Crown of Neuphae seek to guide the Returned to their proper homes. Prince Rhyselīan and  Princess Valera travel aboard the mystical bloom, entering existences beyond the boundaries of the known and the unknown.  They discover the five springs first in a portrait in the ceiling of the palace of the hidden kingdom.  Its thrones remain empty. King Alchean has the sword and inhabits a floral shroud and enters the Kingdom of Uenphae with his advisors.  King Haiverlym and Queen Lidura direct the Neuphaen masses.  The delegation encounter a great scroll which provides the answers the Dual Crown seeks. 

Release date: December 27, 2022

Publisher: Patricia M. Muhammad

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