Existence Parallel:  Book One in The Existence Parallel Series

Existence Parallel: Book One in The Existence Parallel Series

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Two worlds exist. One tangible, and the other intangible. Only the elders of the first world know the secrets of the other. This is what they believe. For many years Queen Udelilia conspires against Princess Valera because of her destiny and the gifts the Great Powers bestowed upon her. The princess escapes the watchful eye of the palace guards who are under the orders of her father, King Alchean. She hears a voice in the forest. It is Prince Rhyselian, of the unseen world. They attach themselves to the wall of the veil and she enters the Kingdom of the Unseen. It overwhelms her. The prince presents her in her vulnerable state before the Crown. His mother and father, Queen Lidura and King Haiverlym urges him to return her to the world of the known. The princess courts the prince which is only secret to the world of the manifested. He guides her with what he knows of heightened sight. The undergo a series of preparation through the veil which separates the existence parallel. One of these ethereal happenings bonds them in matrimony which supercedes any ceremony of either world created by the Forces. King Alchean wonders about his daughter whereabouts but is distracted by the report of a great opening in the westernmost region. Royal guards are sent to investigate. One foolishly raises its sword to it. The transparency splits his weapon and destroys its assailant. During one of the prince and princess' purifications within the passageways beyond the veiled and the seen. Here, the sword appears. Rhyselīan wields it, through the concealed space and by what the Great Powers ordained kills Udelilīa while she sits on the throne. The king is called forth and sees the grisly sight. After royal healers examine and advice of the sages, her death was justly called for what great offenses she heralded against them, the two worlds and his precious daughter. King Alchean mourns, but focuses on the safe return of his daughter. There are two guards who learn by observation how to approach the opening. The king orders them to remain there to ensure the kingdom's safety. Rhyselīan and Valera appear through it with the dome hovering above. It circulates around the kingdom. Small animals native to the unseen world are passengers of the hood and as the leap to land in the known kingdom transform into mighty beasts. They execute what the Forces ordained and annihilate all who supported Udelilīa's wicked scheme. The day soon arrives for the banished Neuphaens, including him, to return to the manifested world through the expanded opening. King Alchean perceives it as a threat. Rhyselīan and Valera undergo multiple preparation, they are protected by a mystical bloom and golden hood. They enter her bedchambers through the other veil and consummate their bond again. Soon they enter the main chambers of the Neuphaen palace of the seen world. The prince and princess touch the thrones that once set alongside the first crown. They avoid the throne where Udeliīa sat and was slain. Great Powers direct the king who now holds the sword and the queen who holds an esoteric staff of the veiled world to enter the known world. Their people encounter a paradise before they finally return the tangible kingdom. King Alchean, King Haiverlym and Queen Lidura lead the procession through a path that ethereal large white blooms appear to guide them back to the royal palace. The royal delegation arrives to the main chambers of the palace. They present themselves to the prince and princess. They raise the staff and sword. The prince and princess are hesitant to accept the objects. The sword escapes the hand of King Haiverlym and touches Udelilīa's throne. Her throne crumbles into ash and is swept away. Will the Dual Throne be re-established?

Release date: November 14, 2022

Publisher: Patricia M. Muhammad

Print pages: 270

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