The Guns of C. C. Ellis

The Guns of C. C. Ellis

Book 0: The Long Riders
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Outlaws plot a daring heist in this exciting new Western by USA Today bestselling author Ralph Cotton.

A corrupt former Army Colonel trying to run a railroad. The sheriff of a frontier town so raw its only name is New Water Stop One. And a gang of outlaws on a mission. When these forces collide, bullets fly!

After pulling off their latest train robbery, outlaw leader C. C. Ellis and his unruly gang of long riders set their sights on a new target—a rich mining operation. There are only two men who can stand in their way: Sheriff Max Boyd, a lawman who doesn’t always play by the rules, and Colonel Randolph Doss, the brutal security chief of the Colorado Western Express R.R. Co. Doss pursues Ellis like Ahab pursued the white whale, while Boyd pursues his aim of keeping the town standing … and even some of C.C.’s gang are secretly pursuing their own agendas. There will be plenty of hot lead on the road to a final showdown …

Release date: July 26, 2022

Publisher: Berkley

Print pages: 288

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