The Gallows Black

The Gallows Black

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A standalone epic fantasy novella starring Sal the Cacophony, who Pierce Brown called a "protagonist for the ages," from Sam Sykes' widely acclaimed Seven Blades in Black. To the city of Last Word, one of the last freeholds in a land rent asunder by magic, Sal the Cacophony comes with gun, a blade, and a burning need for revenge. But when the gallows threatens to deny her the satisfaction of the kill, Sal the Cacophony decides to free her query -- it's the principle of the thing. And in doing so, she sparks a war that will shake the city's fragile peace to its core. To escape with her life and her kill, she'll have to save a criminal-turned-companion: a Freemaker, versed in the forbidden arts of magic and machinery. But the weight of their secrets may be too heavy to let them escape in one piece. For more from Sam Sykes, check out: The Grave of Empires Seven Blades in Black The Affinity for Steel Trilogy Tome of the Undergates Black Halo The Skybound Sea Bring Down Heaven The City Stained Red The Mortal Tally God's Last Breath

Release date: May 28, 2019

Publisher: Orbit

Print pages: 139

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