• Flowers, Felons, & Families
  • Blooms, Bodies, & Black Magic

The Flower Farm Magical Mystery Series

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Welcome to Abracadabra, where reality is fake, and magic and intuition are real.

A ghost town that's drawing her descendants home to school them in the ways of magic. Why? You ask. Because you belong and the strange supernatural being that calls its self The Lighter has plans for you. Plans it shares on a need-to-know basis, usually after you need to know.


Come have coffee with Vito Bracken, a Vegas mob boss, and his Sin City club owner wife, Trixie. Or maybe she's his ex-wife. Hard to keep track. Help their daughter find a new career path while her hard-nosed cop brother fights criminals and pulls weeds. And fall in love with the boss who desperately tries to save them all from a serial killer's clutches and a group of Murkers after their power.


Can the Bracken family rebuild the town and complete The Lighters' mission, or will evil end them all?


The Flower Farm Midlife Magical Mystery is full of twists, turns, magic, and mayhem. Come home to a place you belong where you can laugh out loud, cry, love, and believe in magic.




Prequel: Blooms, Bodies, & Black Magic

Faith loses her reflection and finds a body. 

Available on Amazon as a paperback July 31, 2021, or as a free download on LuciaKuhl.Com.


Book One: Flowers, Felons, & Families

Copycat or Serial Killer. Why do the good die young?


Book Two: Seeds, Secrets, & Supernatural

Words have power, especially when someone is willing to kill for them.


Book Three: Carnations, Crime, & Chi

The ability to be in two places at once is a handy trick unless it lands you in jail.


Book Four: Calla Lilies, Curses, & Criminals

Do you belong to light or darkness?

Available on Amazon August 31, 2021.

Release date: February 26, 2021

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