CatNip & Cadavers

CatNip & Cadavers

A dog and his human are in trouble. BMC and Bugsy are called to help. Jenna will kill them when she learns wha
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A dog and his human are in trouble. BMC and Bugsy are called to help. Jenna will kill them when she learns what they've done.

When a standard poodle named Hudson sends a psychic distress call to BMC, it's clear this is no ordinary request for help. Hudson and his humans are on the run, hunted by shadowy figures with intentions as dark as the secrets they seek to uncover. From the serene small town to the eerie maze of Abracadabra, BMC and Bugsy—aided by senior psychic sleuth Jarvice the Amazing—dive whiskers first into danger to save their new friends.

But in a world where animals communicate with the psychic and the paranormal is normal, BMC and Bugsy are more than magical animal detectives. They are guardians at the crossroads of the seen and the unseen, unraveling a feline and canine whodunit that promises to keep you guessing until the last page.

CatNip and Cadavers is a feel-good paranormal mystery filled with intrigue, humor, and a heartwarming reminder of the power of friendship—both human and animal. Whether you're a fan of cozy animal mysteries, psychic suspense, or just looking for your next magical escapade, this fifth book in The Psychic Cat Series promises a purr-fect escape.

In the enchanting town of Abracadabra, where whispers of magic linger in every shadowed corner, "CatNip & Cadavers" unfolds a riveting tale of mystery, magic, and midlife adventures. Join BMC, Bugsy, and a cast of charming characters for a midlife paranormal cozy mystery that will enchant, entertain, and possibly even enlighten. Get your paws on a copy today and discover why in Abracadabra, it's not just the humans who hold the power to save the day

Release date: April 12, 2024

Print pages: 199

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