When Abracadabra calls you home, it won't take no for an answer. What does the ghost town want?
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Faith follows the Magic

…Blake is by the book.

Can Love Bloom?


They say when one door closes, another door opens. For Faith Bracken, in her second act of life, the door slammed shut and forced her back to the rural ghost town of Abracadabra. Now, she's staring at several open doors and trying to decide which one to choose, but the past she thought she left includes a body. 


Speaking of bodies, there's a disembodied voice talking to her. It calls itself a Lighter. Think Witch, Ghosts, and Alchemist rolled into one fifth-generation supernatural power. It has a plan for Faith and her crazy family.


Blake's a cop. Captain of the Major Crimes Task Force. He's a good guy who is used to people doing what he asks, except Faith, her mother, and her niece. The more he tells them to stay put, the more they do their own thing— a thing that's likely to get them killed. Worse yet, they possess skills he's never seen, so locking them up for their own safety, not an option. What's a poor lovestruck guy to do?


 In a race against the clock who done it, Faith and her off-beat family need to solve a murder and save a loved one while adjusting to the new, more powerful magic. Can they solve a murder, save a beloved family member, and get justice before it's too late.


SEEDS, SECRETS, & SUPERNATURAL is book 2 in the enchanting Flower Farm Magical Mystery series. If you love Paranormal Women's Fiction and Cozy Mysteries set in the country. Download SEEDS, SECRETS, & SUPERNATURAL today.

Release date: March 26, 2021

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