The Christmas Key: A romantic seaside Christmas mystery

The Christmas Key: A romantic seaside Christmas mystery

Book 4: River's End
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Some old secrets are better left in the past...

A hot summer Christmas Day is just around the corner in the Australian seaside town of River's End. Beachside BBQs and sumptuous dinners are on the menu.

But Martha Blake is like a dog with a bone, determined to solve the last of the mysteries surrounding the old stationmaster's cottage. Knowing her husband won't approve of her plans, she enlists great-niece Christie to join her in a secret investigation.

Meanwhile, Thomas Blake is just as busy with his own clues and not wanting his wife to know what he's up to, seeks the help of his reluctant grandson, Martin.

At Palmerston House, loving new couple Elizabeth and Angus face their greatest obstacle, throwing their happy future into doubt.

With everyone working at cross-purposes, who will find themselves in the middle, cast decades back into memories of a terrible mistake?

Is love enough this time, as the beloved residents of River's End deal with the fallout of the old mystery? Who, or what, will bring them all together in time for Christmas?

The Christmas Key is a heartwarming novella with the last of the secrets revealed, and delightful Christmas magic to touch the characters in River's End.

 Recommended reading order:

 The Stationmaster's Cottage

Jasmine Sea

The Secrets of Palmerston House

The Christmas Key

In addition there are two short companion stories which can be read before or after The Stationmaster's Cottage

Taming the Wind (how Thomas and Martha met)

Martha (the missing years)

There is also a spin-off series: The Charlotte Dean Mysteries. Charlotte appears in Jasmine Sea and eventually has her own stories. All of Phillipa's books are shown on her author page.

Release date: December 7, 2018

Print pages: 135

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