Having secured herself a man, Victoria must continue on with her plan to get her inheritance. But before she can get down the aisle, she needs to settle Cormac and James into her life and navigate her own place in their little family dynamic. However, first she has to face down her grandfather, the King of Avalone, and the rest of her family.

Being on the top floor gives Cormac both the air he needs to breathe and the heightened sensation of being a fish out of water, but having held his head high against O'Malley he's determined to settle into this crazy new world he's entered. But when he realises that O'Malley isn't going to let go, he's got another choice to make...

Join Cormac and Victoria in the second part of their journey as they learn the ways of the heart and that perhaps marrying for money isn't the only reason to marry...

Taking Him, is the second part of Victoria and Cormac's story in the Inheritances sub-series in the The Royals of Avalone universe.

Release date: March 26, 2021

Print pages: 173

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