Book 10: Galaxy's Edge
Jason Anspach Founding author
Nick Cole Founding author
Every disaster brings an opportunity.
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Every disaster brings an opportunity.

Goth Sullus and his empire have fallen.

With the Legion and the rest of the galaxy watching from the still-smoldering galactic core, Carter, a former legionnaire turned private contractor, and Jack Bowie, a Navy spy with nowhere left to turn, sign up to work for an enterprising private contractor looking to make a statement on the planet Kublar.

Plans are in motion dating back to the Savage Wars, and as the galaxy rushes to fill in the vacuum created by the fall of the Imperial Republic, the bodies are hitting the floor.

But every plan has a reckoning...

Takeover is the thrilling aftermath of the final, desperate execution of Article Nineteen and the looming rebirth of the Legion and the galaxy itself as the road to Galaxy's Edge: Season Two begins!

Available now in Audio book format performed by Ray Porter!

Release date: May 18, 2020

Publisher: Galaxy's Edge Press

Print pages: 500

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