Silken Dreams

Silken Dreams

Genres: Romance
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From bestselling author Lisa Bingham comes this tale of forbidden love as a young woman, blinded by passion, lets a sensuous fugitive that fulfills her wildest dreams take refuge in her attic bedroom.

Ethan McGuire is more than a fugitive desperate to clear his name in the eyes of Lettie Grey. He is a lusty stranger with a gaze that unleashes her most wanton passions and a velvet touch that leaves her aching, burning, and breathless with desire.

Though a criminal on the run, Ethan embodies the bold, insatiable lover Lettie has dreamed of her whole life. And now, he was there, in virile flesh and blood, in Lettie’s prim and corseted Illinois town.

Being relentlessly pursued by the law and a reckless band of vigilantes, Ethan takes refuge in the heat and dust of Lettie’s attic bedroom and in the warmth and hunger of her arms. But he is a man who trusts no one… a man more afraid of losing his heart than losing his life.

Release date: September 8, 2012

Publisher: Gallery Books

Print pages: 352

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